Sofía Vergara Just Shared Some Gloria-Coded Posts From Her Modern Family Reunion at the SAG Awards

The Pritchett family just had an adults-only night at the 2024 SAG Awards and Sofía Vergara made sure to capture every moment.

On February 24, the parents of Modern Family took the stage to present the award for best ensemble in a comedy series, which the cast won four times during the sitcom’s 11-year run from 2009-2020. “This really brings back memories,” Ty Burell told former costars Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Vergara. “You guys ever miss it?”

After a bit of back and fourth, O’Neill revealed what he missed most about filming the series: “The money.” What a Jay Pritchett thing to say!

O’Neill wasn’t the only one in character. Over on Instagram, Sofía Vergara shared a bunch of photos that Gloria Pritchett would definitely have posted to her own grid—and I’m not even talking about the Instagram video of her stunning red strapless gown by Laura Basci.

Of course, Vergara started her Instagram roundup by posing with her on-screen husband before moving on to photos with the rest of the cast. Gloria was always ride-or-die for her man! “Gloria and Jay 4ever,” one fan commented, adding, “BRING BACK MODERN FAMILY.”

However, it was the second snap that got the most attention from fans. “Phil in heaven,” one user wrote of the pic, which feature’s Burrell and Stonestreet’s heads pulled towards Vergara’s chest. In case you need a refresher, Burrell played Phil Dunphey, the lovable dad married to Jay’s daughter Claire (Bowen). Listen…we all know Phil had a bit of a crush on Gloria throughout the series, but he was always completely devoted to his wife—and don’t you dare forget it!

In fact, Burrell was probably the most in character during a video Vergara filmed at their table…with the flash on. “Oh boy, it’s so bright,” he exclaimed, before dramatically shielding his eyes. “It’s so bright!”

Honestly, is it any wonder this group took home the prestigious cast award four times?

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