LinkedIn Adds More AI-Powered Options to its Recruiter Platform

LinkedIn has unveiled some new AI-powered elements for its Recruiter HR platform, including conversational prompts to help build recruiting projects, improved recruitment process tracking, and AI recommendations for titles and skills in job ads.

First off, LinkedIn’s adding AI-assisted elements to your Recruiter projects, which will make it easier to target the right candidates and requirements, even if you don’t know all the most directly aligned technical terms and skills.

LinkedIn Recruiter updates

As you can see in this overview, LinkedIn’s building in new conversational search prompts, powered by AI, which will be able to help you find the right candidates in line with your specific needs.

As explained by LinkedIn:

Start a search in your own words, and Recruiter will instantly pre-populate the right project and search filter for you, giving you a headstart on hiring like never before.”

LinkedIn will also now provide AI-generated filter suggestions for candidates, as another means to streamline your discovery and hiring process.

LinkedIn Recruiter AI

On another front, LinkedIn’s also rolling out new “flexible pipeline statuses”, which will provide another way to keep tabs on where each candidate is at in the recruitment process.

Finally, LinkedIn’s also adding AI-assisted job targeting recommendations on posts imported with Job Wrapping, which will give you more ways to optimize your job listings in alignment with skills listed in the app.

The updates are the latest in LinkedIn’s broader adoption of AI, which is in line with parent company Microsoft, and its all-in approach to generative AI development. After investing in OpenAI, Microsoft has clearly hitched its wagon to the AI train, and it’s now looking to jam in AI tools into every aspect, with a view to improving performance through smarter, automated recommendations.

Which is clearly in line with the tech trends of the moment, and could elevate Microsoft ahead of the pack. But at the same time, some AI developments, like tools that write social platform updates for you, do seem to run counter to the human, “social” ethos of certain aspects.

That doesn’t, however, apply in this case, with each of these tools working to complement human processes to make it easier to manage and maximize your recruiting process.

LinkedIn says that these new features are rolling out in Recruiter “over the next few months”.

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