Euphoria Season 3 Won’t Happen Until Sam Levinson Figures Out Existence

Euphoria Season 3 Won’t Happen Until Sam Levinson Figures Out Existence

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Colman Domingo says Euphoria season 3 is taking a long time because Sam Levinson is wrestling with existentialism. In a GQ profile, the Rustin actor said Levinson is rewriting the long-delayed season to better reflect the world today. “[Sam is] a person who writes and rewrites and writes and rewrites again, because I think he’s wrestling with what’s important,” Domingo said. “He’s responding immediately to what the ills of the world are.”

Season 3 is rumored to take place after a five-year time jump. So said the show’s costumer, Heidi Bivens. That would help with some of the real life changes to the show’s cast, namely the passing of Angus Cloud and Barbie Ferreira leaving the show. Levinson has previously said that Euphoria season 3 would be inspired by film noir and using Zendaya’s Rue to “explore what it means to be an individual with principles in a corrupt world.” That still seems to be the intent, according to Domingo: “I know that the one thing I can tell you is that he’s very much interested in the existential question of who we are right now,. Our souls. That’s what he wants to figure out with season three.” So as soon as Levinson figures out our souls, we’ll get Rue and Cassie and the gang back.

Colman Domingo Shares Why Euphoria S3 Is Taking So Long

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