“A spectrum of overdrive tones inspired by two iconic blues pedals”: Burgeoning British firm Buzzing Bugs swarms the stompbox market with the BB04 Full Range Drive

UK pedal builder Buzzing Bugs has debuted the BB04 Full Range Drive – a saturated and non-transparent overdrive pedal inspired by two much-loved stompboxes. 

Naturally, it hasn’t specifically named which two, as the pedal strives to be defined by credit rather than reputation.  

Beneath its dark metal hood is a circuit that delivers four op-amp gain stages with “expansive headroom”, whilst soft clipping is on hand to saturate the signal without the need for aggressive compression.  

The USP, however, comes in the form of the pedal’s Body switch, which places two differing ranges of Tone and Gain at players’ fingertips. 

By shifting the EQ parameters, the pedal offers thick and thin variants of its output, whilst also providing a “perceived gain and volume boost when engaged”.

As every modern-day overdrive pedal should be, the BB04 has been designed for versatility. Depending on what side of the switch is engaged, the pedal looks to conjure “a spectrum of overdrive flavors”, from edge-of-breakup cleans to biting tube distortion. 

Indeed, Buzzing Bugs promises “dynamic interaction” between its three controls, which shape the Volume, Gain, and Tone. 

Fully aware that it’s going to get relentlessly stomped on, it’s housed in a robust die cast enclosure. The tactile pattern that swarms over it is a neat touch, too. 

Misers may say the UK firm is hardly reinventing the wheel here, but it’s great to hear the still-young tone-chaser offer its own take on a pedalboard staple. Also, it’s the firm’s fourth creation overall thus far, fluttering into an arsenal that includes a fuzz, a lo-fi chorus, and a pre-amp pedal. 

Bolstered by true bypass switching, top-mounted jacks, standard sizing, and the usual 9V power requirements, it looks ready-made to be slotted into pedalboards of all shapes and sizes. 

Buzzing Bugs BB04 Drive

(Image credit: Buzzing Buggs)

Founded as recently as 2019 in the shed of pedal aficionado Daniel Goldberg, Buzzing Bugs is spearheaded by his decade of industry experience. Its mantra is one of simplicity, creating effective and inspirational pedals, steering clear of hard-to-navigate controls and sub-menus. 

Having spent the first four years of its operations building one-offs and doing limited runs, Buzzing Bugs launched its first production model, the BB01 Fuzz Pre-Amp, in 2023. Three pedals, including its latest, have followed, making the past 12 months something of a whirlwind for the brand.

The BB04 costs £129 (approx $165) and is available directly from its creators. 

For more information, swoop on over to Buzzing Bugs.

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