Palworld dev is hiring artists for official comics, promises “cuteness and fun” yet immediately shares cutthroat sadness

The developer of Palworld is looking for an artist to create comics full of “cuteness and fun,” and has used heartbreaking artwork as an example.

Developer Pocketpair recently took to Twitter to advertise an open position available at the studio. The developer tweeted: “We are looking to hire someone who can draw #Palworld comics!” along with a list of the kind of themes it wants to see, such as “comics filled with the cuteness and fun of Pals.”

To demonstrate the kind of thing it’s after, Pocketpair shared two example comics. The first one features familiar faces such as Lifmunk, Tanzee, and Depresso getting up to mischief, but the second one shattered my heart into pieces. More specifically, the second example features an adorable Pengullet enjoying spending time with their human until they’re cruelly swapped out for a Chillet as they watch on.

🖌️✨Hiring a comic artist!✨🖌️We are looking to hire someone who can draw #Palworld comics! ・Comics filled with the cuteness and fun of Pals・Start off with one-off requests・Application deadline: March 31st (Sun) If you are interested, we would appreciate it if you… pic.twitter.com/bPcTMVHeREMarch 14, 2024

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It’s unclear what Pocketpair plans to do with these comics, whether they’ll be used for Palworld’s social media or something bigger. Shortly after the survival game’s release, Pocketpair announced that it was attempting to bulk up its development team to keep up with the game’s success and this could be part of that plan.

More recently. the developer revealed that it was “in talks” to bring the game to more platforms in the future and that it wants to avoid “big-budget triple-A games” in the future as Palworld’s profits are “too big for a studio with our size to handle.”

In other Palworld news, the survival game’s first raid is coming “soon,” and will star an evil goth Pal.

Find out what else is on the way with the Palworld roadmap.

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