Apple’s iPad Pro could come with a matte display

If rumors are to be believed, of course.

iPad Pro 11-inch 2021 model with Apple M1 chip on a desk with Magic keyboard and Apple pencil.

The iPad Pro 11-inch from 2021.
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The wait for Apple’s new iPad Pro has been torturous. The slow drip of rumors about the OLED iPad Pro has covered everything from designs to production schedules to price. However, new rumors from a leaker in China suggest that the new iPad Pro may come matte display for the first time.

As reported on by MacRumors, known Weibo leaker Instant Digital has reported that the new iPad Pro will feature an optional matte display alongside the traditional glossy finish. Matte screen protectors have gained popularity among iPad users, suggesting Apple may be responding to consumer preferences by offering a built-in matte option.

As one Reddit user said a year ago, “Just put on a matte screen protector and it’s a game changer.”

The leaks suggest that the matte display might also include blue-light blocking technology. However, it’s unclear if this display will utilize “nano-texture glass,” similar to Apple’s Pro Display XDR and Studio Display. As Mac Rumors explains, nano-texture glass is used for reducing glare and preserving image quality through an etched surface; it has some very complex cleaning requirements so it’s usually only used for desktop displays.

The introduction of optional matte displays for the iPad Pro may extend to future iPad Air releases, but that remains unclear according to the leak. It may also mean further justification for the insane price increase that’s already rumored; the new price may be around $1,500.

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