‘Katana Zero’ Mobile Soft Launch Now Available on iOS and Android in the Philippines through Netflix Games

Back in November last year, Netflix announced that both Katana Zero and Death’s Door from Devolver Digital would be coming to mobile through its gaming subscription. The latter launched already, but we had no word on when to expect Askiisoft’s neo noir action platformer on mobile. Today, it has soft launched on iOS and Android in the Philippines. This follows Hades which also was in soft launch for a bit before it finally arrived earlier today. Katana Zero has a legendary soundtrack and I continue to refer to it as Sekiro x Miami even though that isn’t doing the game justice. Watch the Katana Zero Netflix trailer below:

When I first played this on Switch, I struggled with a few levels, but the game is super responsive and quick with loading so I never found myself annoyed. I’m curious to see how this translated to touch controls. I know it will likely be great with a controller, but hopefully the team managed to implement good touch controls. We don’t have an official Katana Zero mobile release date for the rest of the world yet, but you can try out the soft launch on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here in the Philippines. Check out our forum thread for Katana Zero ahead of its global launch here. With Hades now available, Katana Zero is my most anticipated game on the service. Have you played Katana Zero on Steam or consoles yet?

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