JUST FOR FUN: 10 Quotable Lyrics From Beyoncé’s ‘COWBOY CARTER’

Beyoncé feels act ii: COWBOY CARTER is “the best music I’ve ever made,” and after personally having it on repeat since its release, she makes a very strong and compelling argument.

With her eighth studio album, the Houston native has already made history as the first Black female artist to top Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart and rank No. 1 on their Hot 100 Chart with one of the LP’s lead singles, “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM.” Overall, COWBOY CARTER is a melting pot of several genres with deep roots in country music.

“The joy of creating music is that there are no rules,” said Beyoncé in a statement. “The more I see the world evolving the more I felt a deeper connection to purity. With artificial intelligence and digital filters and programming, I wanted to go back to real instruments, and I used very old ones. I didn’t want some layers of instruments like strings, especially guitars, and organs perfectly in tune. I kept some songs raw and leaned into folk. All the sounds were so organic and human, everyday things like the wind, snaps and even the sound of birds and chickens, the sounds of nature.”

Musicianship aside, the captivating, audacious, and occasionally vulnerable storytelling on the project speaks to Beyoncé reclaiming her narrative and the humanization of her as a mother, artist, wife, daughter, and more. Not to mention, it’s a continuation of her dynamic 2022 release, act i: RENAISSANCE.

Though this new album only contains 27 out of the 100 songs recorded, it contains so much richness and freedom. With an emphasis on the stories behind the music, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most quotable lyrics from COWBOY CARTER—which have Bey either talking her s**t, praising women with homegrown curves, discussing one’s power or have us ready to saddle up with a lover.

Check it out below.

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