ChatGPT Predits Massive 100% Surge For Shiba Inu in April

SHIB Massively Outperformed My Expectations, Says Vitalik Buterin’s

With the overall market attention turning to meme coins, the top coins like DOGE and Shiba Inu are in the limelight. Currently resting in a pullback after the massive surge in early March, the SHIB price stands at $0.000030. 

Shiba Inu trading at this psychological mark reflects a massive 210% jump from the low of $0.00000967 in mid-February. With the ongoing retest and a potential bounce back, the second-biggest meme coin sets the stage for the next surge. 

As the market gurus with multiple SHIB price predictions aiming for $0.10 this year, let’s analyse and predict the April performance. We even asked the latest version available of ChatGPT 4.0 to predict the performance of Shiba Inu in April. 

Shiba Inu Price Performance

With a market cap of more than $17 billion, Shiba Inu sustains the position of the second-biggest meme coin. Amidst the ongoing market-wide craze for capturing the next big rally in meme coins, the SHIB price is up by 116% in the last 30 days.


In the weekly chart, the massive jumps in just two weeks undermine the 2023 bear phase. As the meme coin trades at levels last seen in April 2022, the upcoming altcoin season is teasing a new all-time high. 

According to the Fibonacci levels and Shiba Inu’s recent performance, the meme coin could hit the $0.000054 mark in April. 

To back up our analysis, we shared this analysis and price chart with ChatGPT. Here’s what the AI predicted for Shiba Inu in April 2024.

Similar to our analysis, with a more bullish viewpoint, the AI predicts a stronger and bigger jump in Shiba Inu this April. With a potential high of $0.00006293, the meme coin could average out at $0.00003600 in April. Hence, in the upcoming weeks, the SHIB price could surge in trend momentum. 

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