Over $11M Raised; BlockDAG Keynote Video Pulls In Crypto Investors As Pendle Price Hits ATH Amid Jupiter DEX SOL Optimization 


In this article, the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market are explored, focusing on PENDLE’s impressive price surge, Jupiter Exchange’s integration with the DeFi Wallet, and BlockDAG coin‘s ambitious $2 million giveaway. As PENDLE approaches the top 100 cryptocurrencies, its innovative protocol continues to attract attention. 

Meanwhile, Jupiter Exchange enhances the DeFi experience by optimizing Solana swaps. BlockDAG’s giveaway and strategic marketing efforts aim to ignite crypto ambitions and expand its community. Potential crypto investors can stay tuned as the article delves into these top crypto gainers and their impact on the market.

Pendle Price Hits All-Time High: Poised for Top 100 Entry?

The PENDLE price reached an all-time high, reflecting increased interest in the PENDLE protocol, which allows for the tokenization and trading of yields. Positioned at #105, PENDLE is close to entering the top 100 cryptocurrencies, with a market cap of $967 million. The protocol’s unique features, such as a time-decaying Automated Market Maker and the ability to split principal and yield, contribute to its appeal. 


The surge in PENDLE’s price is supported by significant on-chain activity and rising Total Value Locked (TVL), indicating strong demand and potential for further growth.

Jupiter Exchange is a significant player in the Solana ecosystem, known for its ability to offer users the best possible swap rates for Solana tokens. It aggregates liquidity across Solana, enabling competitive swap prices at any time. This integration with the DeFi Wallet allows users to swap Solana tokens directly within the wallet, bypassing the need for multiple platforms. 

Available 24/7, this feature provides users with constant access to optimal rate token swaps, enhancing the user experience and contributing to the broader adoption of DeFi technologies.

BlockDAG’s Giveaway Ignites Investor Interest!

BlockDAG is making waves in the crypto market with its $2 Million Giveaway, creating a buzz among its community members. The promotional strategy aims to engage users through social media, quest completion and referrals, with 50 lucky participants poised to win substantial cash prizes. This approach fosters community engagement and boosts BlockDAG’s visibility and user base.

Apart from this, another bold move to enhance its market presence, BlockDAG showcased its keynote video on a billboard at Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo. This strategic placement in one of the world’s most bustling intersections ensures maximum exposure, attracting the attention of a diverse audience. The video highlights BlockDAG’s commitment to innovation and growth, outlining a clear launch strategy to achieve a $600 million goal by 2024. This visibility is crucial for building brand recognition and attracting potential investors.

Watch the BlockDAG Keynote Video Here!

BlockDAG’s roadmap is ambitious, aiming to secure a spot among the top 50 on platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Having already raised over $11.4 million in its Batch 6 presale with each coin priced at $0.0035, BlockDAG is on a steady path toward its objectives. The structured approach and clear milestones demonstrate the project’s potential for success, making it a promising venture in the crypto space.

The Final Say

The cryptocurrency market is witnessing exciting developments, with PENDLE’s price reaching new heights and Jupiter Exchange enhancing DeFi experiences. BlockDAG stands out with its $2 million giveaway and strategic marketing initiatives, aiming to ignite crypto ambitions and expand its community. 

As these top crypto gainers continue to make waves, potential investors should keep an eye on their progress and the impact they may have on the market. BlockDAG, in particular, shows promise with its ambitious roadmap and clear milestones, making it a venture worth watching.

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