My In-Laws Consistently Exclude Me From Dinners, So I Decided to Teach Them a Lesson

Amidst familial expectations and societal biases, a young woman’s «family trip» with her in-laws takes an unexpected turn. Struggling against perceptions of class and etiquette, she confronts a stark choice with profound implications.

I (F26) went on a «family trip» with my in-laws 2 weeks ago. MIL always thought that I am a bit «ignorant» and «backward» and that just because I come from a lower class family (compared to hers) that I have no «etiquette».

Upon arriving at the hotel, they arranged for a dinner outing at a posh restaurant. My husband deliberately kept me in the dark, informing me at the last minute after he had already dressed. When I inquired about his plans, he casually mentioned that he and the family were dining out, but I wasn’t invited.

His reasoning? His mother «assumed» that my unfamiliarity with the cuisine and dining etiquette at such a place warranted my exclusion, deeming it better for me to stay in and dine at the hotel.
Without protest, I allowed him to leave and promptly packed my bags, catching the first flight back home.

Upon learning of my departure, my husband was beside himself, bombarding me with calls. He accused me of acting irrationally and ungratefully, alleging that I had embarrassed him in front of his family, despite his fervent pleas for me to join the trip. Our heated exchange culminated in him resorting to the silent treatment upon his return home. Additionally, his family indirectly criticized me on Facebook for my actions.

The story was shared online. The woman asked netizens if she overreacted in this situation, but users deliberately agreed she was a ’good guy’ here.

  • It’s offensive for your husband and his family to exclude you from this dinner. Their reason for doing so is atrocious. It’s even worse for him not to inform you in advance that he’d be having dinner without you. That your husband doesn’t understand why his behavior and his family’s behavior is completely unacceptable. svmonkey / Reddit
  • His family isn’t nice, but he didn’t defend you when his mother said such atrocities? He actually thinks his mother is right, and you don’t belong there. Get out, now, fast, and find yourself someone who appreciates you. ****saxo / Reddit
  • Wow! When it comes to world-class rudeness, this one is right up there. Does your husband even like you??? ArtShapiro / Reddit
  • It sounds like you have a husband problem. Did he go along with you not being included in going to dinner? That is incredibly rude and disrespectful. He didn’t defend you. He could have declined the dinner invitation and gone out with you instead.
    If you want this relationship to last, you both need to go to counselling to learn communication and boundaries. He also has to grow a spine to deal with his mother. Ok_Nobody4967 / Reddit

Another user wrote a long comment about the whole situation:

  • But this isn’t just about your in-laws. Your husband is just as rude & disrespectful as they are. For a group of people who think they are better than you, they fail big time on basic etiquette.
    First, they tried to just invite your husband without you. Rude. He shouldn’t have to beg them & definitely shouldn’t have told you that he did, as if he deserves a cookie for that, or it excuses his later behavior.
    They openly disrespect you on the trip & plan a family dinner, purposely leaving you out because you are too low class to appreciate it. One, that’s extremely low-class behavior from them. Two, your husband hid it from you rather than demand his family treat you with basic respect & human dignity.
    They all got what they wanted, you are gone. But they are still punishing you and berating you. You literally cannot do anything right for your in-laws and your husband unless you stand there like a pathetic loser taking all their mistreat for their entertainment. KindlyCelebration223 / Reddit

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