My MIL Intentionally Embarrassed Me at My Baby Shower

Gwen, a soon-to-be mom, found herself in this uncomfortable situation surrounded by her family and friends. A gift from her mother-in-law upset her so deeply that she felt compelled to ask her to leave the party. Now, Gwen is seeking advice on how to handle the aftermath of this situation.

You need to find some books with titles like “How not to be a nightmare MIL” and “Living with a Narcissist” gift them to her.

Gwen, thank you for opening up and sharing your experience with us. We’re here to offer some helpful suggestions to help you navigate through this delicate situation.

Stand up for yourself.

Be proactive about standing up for yourself and ensuring you’re treated with dignity and respect. You might want to consider writing a letter or email to your mother-in-law, calmly expressing how her gift made you feel and asserting your right to be treated kindly. By doing so, you’re affirming your worth as a person and as a parent, and setting clear expectations for how you should be treated in the future.

Engage in honest and open communication with your partner.

Start a talk with your partner about how you’re feeling after what happened. Share with them how your mother-in-law’s actions made you feel, and brainstorm ideas together on how to handle the situation. Your spouse might have some thoughts on why their parent acted that way or can help you find a solution. Working together, you can come up with a plan to make sure you’re okay and keep your family strong.

Encourage and nurture positive communication.

Even though things may feel tense with your mother-in-law, try to create positive moments whenever you can. Look for chances to bond over shared interests, like talking about the baby or doing activities together. By emphasizing these moments of connection, you can slowly improve the relationship and make your family environment more pleasant. It might take some time and effort, but fostering positive interactions can lead to a happier and more supportive family atmosphere for everyone.

Think about trying family counseling.

If you find that it’s difficult to improve your family relationships on your own, seeking help from a professional is a great option. A skilled family therapist can guide you, your husband, and his mother toward resolving conflicts calmly and constructively. They’ll provide support and offer strategies to address the issues you’re facing within your family. Plus, therapy sessions can be a safe space to share any other concerns or thoughts you have about your family situation.

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