Aoki Lee Simmons Shares Message To Parents After “Terrifying” Them

Aoki Lee Simmons shared a cryptic post following her split from Vittorio Assaf.

Simmons took to her Instagram Story to address “terrifying” her parents with the whirlwind romance. The model highlighted an excerpt from actress Chloë Sevigny’s 2023 interview with The Cut, where the actress spoke to the pressures of going out without her parents for the first time after high school. She called that moment “my big year of going out.” 

Aoki honed in on the portion of the interview relating to Sevigny’s parents, seemingly finding parallels to her own life. “I do know for my mom it was very terrifying, but I checked in a lot, and my dad would always remind her that there was more good in the world than bad,” the highlighted portion read.

As she continued, the Oscar nominee spoke about her parents being worried about possible drug use. However, the actress insisted that she “never liked doing them” and that she “has never even done cocaine.” Aoki declared that Chloë Sevigny’s words “[are] also mine [at this point]” after her mother reportedly forced her to break up with Assaf. 

Page Six confirmed that Simmons, 21, was dating Assaf, 65, on Tuesday (April 2). The pair were spotted making out after meeting each other on vacation, per People. Simmons and Assaf were said to be “enjoying each other’s company.” After pictures began making rounds on social media, Simmons’ parents reacted with different approaches.

Russell Simmons explained to TMZ that he rejects the idea of “[kicking] and [screaming]” over his youngest daughter’s decision to date someone as old as him. He instead sent her “advice and unconditional love.” 

Meanwhile, Kimora wasn’t having it. People reports that people close to the situation insisted that the relationship was over. “Not only is it ‘over,’ it was never a thing. Aoki is learning to navigate her private life in a public sphere,” the source said. “And that can be difficult. However, Kimora was concerned to see her daughter in that kind of relationship due to what she herself went through.” 

For context, Kimora Lee Simmons met Russell when she was only 17. He was 35. 

Rebecca Mardikes, , Dipti Sharma, Elena Azzaro, Nya Gatbe, Vittorio Assaf, Noa Samassa, Sarah Prendergast and Ife Bowman attend the Grand Opening Of Serafina Express at Broad Street on September 13, 2022 in New York City.

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