Music Premiere: Nessa P Introduces New Single “(Gotta) Do This”

California-based producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and electronic pop artist Nessa P unveils her latest single “(Gotta) Do This,” a track lifted from her upcoming EP, Only Love, slated to release on May 14.

Nessa P explains, “This song is about letting go of control when it comes to protecting yourself from opening up about depression, it’s about actually having someone who allows you to  open those floodgates; to let all of the scary and ugly things out so that you can begin the healing process.”

She continues,  “It is also about having the right person there to help you and be supported. Most of my life I never felt like I had anyone, until I met my partner. Intimacy is often mistaken for sex, and many people lack  sincere intimate relationships in their lives that lead to meaningful connections. Connection is what many people need, this song is about making those connections.”

Nessa P is a multi-talented musician with a background as varied as her sound. With a minor in music from Bethany University, she’s no stranger to the academic side of her craft. Her musical journey has been enriched by living with professional musicians and contributing to live shows on multiple instruments.

After a stint with her band Jezabel and drummer Melanie Verrico, Nessa embarked on a solo project, releasing singles like “FEEL,” “LIFE,” and “Space Parade” in 2023. Her recent singles denote her shift from rock to an EDM-focused sound. She also owns Órale Audio Studio, where she produces music for other artists.

Citing influences like the beats of Flume, the jubilance of David Guetta, and the unapologetic exuberance of Diplo, her tracks are playful yet profound, a true reflection of her artistic spirit.

It all began when Nessa P encountered dance music when she was 14 years old. This twist of fate kindled a lifelong passion. Blending her influences with the pulsating rhythms of dance generated Nessa P’s distinctive sound.

Opening on emerging, swirling washes of colors, “(Gotta) Do This” flows into a mid-tempo rhythm revolving around tight, crisp percussion and sub bass tones. Fluctuating synths imbue the melody with shimmering, gliding, oscillating textures as Nessa P’s alluring voice imbues the lyrics with vibrant delicacy, at once alluring and reflecting a passionate urgency.

With “(Gotta) Do This,” Nessa P demonstrates her gift for rewiring dance music into glittering, kaleidoscopic bangers.

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