In the News: Grants of $5,000 to $100,000 Available Now!

When a disaster strikes, don’t let your business drown in misfortune. The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse is an example and a major setback for local businesses, but grant programs can help. Research federal, state, and local resources to see if there are assistance programs being deployed.

Prepare now: gather damage documentation and keep receipts for repairs. Act fast: deadlines loom. With some legwork, grants can get your business back on its feet. Whether there is a disaster or not, public and private entities always offer grants. Keep an eye on the latest offerings and apply as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance. Good luck!

Major disasters, like the recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, can have major implications for nearby businesses. Communities must find ways to help businesses through difficult periods so they can continue operating once conditions return to normal. Two such programs recently launched in Baltimore.

Small Business News April 26, 2024

In the roundup this week, the TikTok ban is front and center as many small businesses that rely on the platform wait for the President’s decision. Another point of concern is the PPP loan audits that might be carried out after the Small Business Association’s (SBA) Office of Inspector General said up to one-third of PPP Loans have shown signs of potential fraud. For that and more, read the rest of the news and other small business-related content.

Potential TikTok Ban Concerns Digital Entrepreneurs

The proposed ban on TikTok has many business owners worried. The idea of a ban comes from concerns about user privacy and national security. But it may also have serious implications for many small businesses that use the platform for marketing and/or revenue generation.

PPP Loan Audits Could Impact Millions of Small Business Borrowers

There is increasing concern among the recipients of Payment Protection Program (PPP) Loans about potential audits. This follows an estimate by the Small Business Association’s (SBA) Office of Inspector General that up to one-third of PPP Loans have shown signs of potential fraud.

Mastercard Expands Benefits for Cardholders Focused on Wellness, Travel, and Lifestyle

Mastercard has announced an expansion of benefits for its cardholders through new partnerships with leading companies in health and wellness, travel, and lifestyle. These enhancements are designed to add value for both everyday consumers and small business owners. The credit card giant has teamed up with Alo Moves, Booking.

eBay and Collectors Announce Major Moves in Trading Card Industry

eBay Inc. and Collectors, the parent company of the well-known grading service PSA, have announced a partnership that wants to change how people buy, sell, and store trading cards. The deal includes eBay buying Goldin, a top auction house for collectibles, and PSA purchasing eBay’s vault service.

Spotlight: How Two Brothers Built a Successful Company Around Pillows with Twilla

You don’t need a super technical or complicated idea to start a successful business. For example, the founders of Twilla started with just a sewing machine and a desire to create more comfortable pillows. It doesn’t hurt to have an entrepreneurial sibling and a background in product design, either. Learn more about Twilla below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

53 Essential Gig Economy Statistics

The gig economy, characterized by temporary or flexible jobs, is an increasingly significant part of the global economy. Understanding the statistics behind this trend is of great value for employers, employees, and businesses adapting to this new way of work. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the history and future of gig economy with over 53 essential gig economy statistics.

Grow Your Small Business on a Budget with These Expert Tips

Growing a small business doesn’t need to involve expensive marketing tools or major initiatives. There are many affordable ways to grow a business. Get budget-friendly tips and tricks from members of the online small business community below.

Your Guide to Warehouse Inventory Management

Managing your warehouse inventory effectively is key to running a successful small business. It’s like the heart of your supply chain, keeping everything running smoothly. In this article, we’ll share some top tips to help small businesses with warehouse inventory management.

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