Qobuz Rolls Out New Music Discovery for Classical Fans, Android TV Users

Qobuz music discovery

Photo Credit: Qobuz

Hi-res music streaming service Qobuz has added new music discovery features, while dropping an Android TV beta app.

Qobuz says it has supercharged its music discovery features and classical search, while making it easier to pay for downloads. Also new is Qobuz Radio, which curates unique playlists of 30 songs that are designed to reflect your musical tastes. Qobuz Radio is available on both iOS and Android.

Search results for classical music albums have been improved and simplified, which Qobuz says is a step forward in how it catalogs classical music. The service has faced stiff competition with the launch of Apple Music Classical, so it’s nice to see the step-up here to compete.

Classical music fans can now find specific works like operas, symphonies, sonatas, and concertos—while searching by composer name or the specific piece of music. Qobuz says this work also includes titles in several language.

Qobuz users who use Chromecast devices can test the new Android TV app in beta. Android TV and its built-in system for TV manufacturers, Google TV, has over 110 million monthly active users—making it a lucrative market to tap into for a niche music streaming service.

While Apple Music Classical is available to Android users, it’s always nice to have alternatives—especially with classical music—which is notoriously hard to search when archived digitally.

Qobuz has always focused on offering both streaming and download tracks with standards set for 24-bit Hi-Res music. The service has over 100 million tracks and offers the entire catalog for £10.83 ($13.50/M) per month when paying for a year up-front.

To help make the transition to a new streaming service easier, Qobuz is also offering its subscribers free access to Soundiiz. Soundiiz seamlessly transfers user-created playlists from multiple popular services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

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