Scammers beware, June Squibb is coming for you in ‘Thelma’ trailer

Alongside the legendary Richard Roundtree in his final screen performance.

June Squibb apparently did most of her own stunts for Thelma. What the hell did I do today?

The Oscar-nominated Nebraska star leads writer/director Josh Margolin’s feature debut, an action-comedy that will remind you not to underestimate a person due to their age. Squibb plays eponymous protagonist Thelma Post, a 93-year-old targeted by a phone scammer impersonating her grandson Danny (The White Lotus‘ Fred Hechinger). Margolin based the film on his own grandmother’s experience of being barraged by telescammers.

The thing is, Thelma doesn’t enjoy being conned. So she hits the road through L.A. with her pal (the last screen performance of legendary Shaft actor Richard Roundtree) to track down the vagrant and take back what’s rightfully hers. Parker Posey stars as Thelma’s daughter Gail, with Clark Gregg as her son-in-law Alan, both of whom misjudge Thelma’s ability to take care of business.

“Ever wonder what a Mission: Impossible movie would look like if it centered on a 93-year-old grandmother? If so, you’re in luck! Thelma is here to answer that curious query for you. And the answer is: downright delightful,” writes Mashable film editor Kristy Puchko in her review.

Thelma hits cinemas June 21.

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