House Committee Subpoenas SBA Officials Amid Electioneering Investigation

Published: May 10, 2024
by Joshua Sophy
In Small Business News

House Committee subpoenas SBA officials amid investigation into alleged misuse for election activities, focusing on voter registration efforts.

The House Committee on Small Business, led by Congressman Roger Williams (TX-25), has issued subpoenas to two high-ranking officials from the Small Business Administration (SBA). The subpoenas were directed at Tyler Robinson, Special Advisor to the SBA, and Arthur Plews, Chief of Staff. This action comes as part of an ongoing investigation into whether the SBA has been involved in activities related to election campaigns, which is not part of its main role.

The investigation centers on a partnership agreement the SBA signed with Michigan’s Secretary of State to help register voters. Critics say this task distracts from the agency’s primary mission to support small businesses.

Chairman Williams expressed disappointment over having to issue subpoenas. He mentioned that these steps were necessary because the officials did not agree to speak voluntarily, highlighting the importance of the committee’s role in overseeing government activities and ensuring they are transparent.

Subcommittee Chair Dan Meuser (PA-09) and Subcommittee Chair Beth Van Duyne (TX-24) also shared strong concerns about the SBA’s activities. Meuser criticized the agency for using its resources for political purposes during a critical time for small businesses. He suggested that the voter registration efforts are particularly focused on urban areas that might benefit one political party over another.

Van Duyne pointed out that the SBA has been uncooperative with the committee’s efforts to investigate, refusing to provide documents and access to interviews. She emphasized that the subpoenas were a last resort to get the necessary information.

The investigation follows a pattern of inquiries started after President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order in March 2021 to promote voting access, which the committee believes the SBA is misusing for political ends. The committee first contacted the SBA for an explanation after an SBA press release on March 19, 2024, announced the new voter registration initiative.

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