Why Almond Nails Are the Shape Everyone Is Obsessed With

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For the indecisive, finding the right nail shape can make you feel like a lost Goldilocks in the nail salon. Some nail shapes, such as stiletto or coffin, are stunning in theory but can hinder your ability to do simple tasks if you’re not used to that much length. (Special shoutout to my fellow contact wearers who think about this on a daily basis.) Other nail shapes, like round and oval, may feel a bit better but still not quite right. That’s where the happy medium comes in: the almond nail.

Aptly named, an almond nail mimics the shape of the popular nut and has been the go-to shape for many. To get a complete breakdown of what they are (and what kind of designs you can wear with them), we turned to the experts. See everything you need to know about almond-shaped nails, below.

What Are Almond-Shaped Nails?

A mix between a round nail and a stiletto, an almond nail is the perfect medium-length shape for those looking to elongate their fingers. “It’s a very sexy nail shape, and it is also pretty easy to work with,” celebrity manicurist Saccia Livingston tells PS. Compared to an oval, it’s a lot more slender and slightly pointed at the tip.”

“Almond-shaped nails are achieved by filing the two sides of the nail more tapered and narrow toward the end of the nail to mimic an almond,” adds celebrity nail artist Queenie Nguyen. “This shape helps elongate the fingers because the end is narrower, thus making it a very feminine nail shape choice.” You can opt for long almond nails or short almond nails, depending on your preference.

How to Get the Almond Nail Shape

Getting almond-shaped nails on your own is pretty easy. Nguyen says you’ll first want to trim your nails to the desired length. She recommends trimming in the shape of an almond to make it easier when you file. Next, you’ll want to file the sides of your nail, tapering toward the top of the nail to get a rounded point. But be sure to soften the tip; Nguyen says you’ll want to use a buffer to get a more rounded tip to avoid a sharp stiletto shape and to seal the shape in.

You can also opt for press ons, like the Kiss ImPress No Glue Mani Press-On Nail ($7), or some sort of gel extensions if you’re looking for an easy way to implement intricate designs. Livingston lives by Après Nail Almond Gel-X Tip ($24) that you can shape and customize.

The Best Almond Nail Ideas

The best part about almond-shaped nails is their versatility. Nguyen says that they are one of the more flattering shapes to wear, and there are countless nail trends you can wear for this particular mani. From the classic french tips to super cool 3D art, see almond nails inspo below. You’ll want to save this for later.

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