Lamborghini is recalling thousands of $200,000 SUVs

A Lamborghini Urus SUV

A Lamborghini Urus SUV
Photo: Lamborghini

Luxury supercar maker Lamborghini is recalling thousands of its pricey SUVs in the United States, thanks to hoods that may swing open at high speeds.

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The automaker, which is owned by Germany’s Volkswagen AG, has received multiple warranty claims after owners discovered defects between the fender and hood of their Lamborghini Urus. In April, Lamborghini determined that when driving the SUVs at high speeds — more than 94 miles per hour — gaps can form between the hood and the grill because of deformed rivet studs.

“These gaps can potentially increase with the high speeds, and over time, the stress can cause the latch system to fail and separate the hood latch striker from the hood,” the company said in a recall notice posted on the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s website Wednesday.

Just 2% of the 2,133 Lamborghini Urus included under the recall are expected to have the defect, according to the notice. Model year 2023-2024 Lamborghini Urus S and Urus Performante vehicles are included in the recall.

The Urus is Lamborghinis best-selling model by global sales. For the first time in its 60-year history, the automaker broke 10,000 sales last year — thanks to the Urus, which sent out 6,087 deliveries. In the U.S., the Urus S starts at $237,848, while the Performante starts at $269,885, according to Kelly Blue Book.

Lamborghini added that it is not aware of crashes or injuries related to the issue.

The company said it will notify all owners and instruct them to arrange an appointment with a dealer, which will inspect the vehicle and issue repairs as needed for free. Letters to consumers and dealers will start being mailed out in late June. Since early February, Lamborghini said it has been using “parts with additional robustness measures” from its supplier.

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