TikTok Publishes New Guide to Its Ad Manager Platform

TikTok has published a new guide to its Ad Manager platform, which provides an essential overview of all aspects of creating and launching an effective TikTok ad campaign.

And it could be a key resource for your planning. I mean, for now at least, as TikTok may or may not be gone in some regions next year. But till then, there is value in running TikTok promotions, and this new, 53-page, free guide could give you some valuable insights into how to boost your initiatives in the app.

You can download the full guide for yourself here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key notes.

The guide starts with an overview of the TikTok Ads Manager UI, and what each element and tab is for.

TikTok Ads Manager Playbook

And the overviews here are helpful, with simple explainers on what each part is within the various tabs.

TikTok Ads Manager Playbook

There’s also an overview of ad campaign structure, which experienced ad managers will be very familiar with, but could help to provide more context for your planning.

TikTok Ads Manager Playbook

There’s also in-depth overviews of how to set-up each type of TikTok ad campaign.

TikTok Ads Manager Playbook

Along with targeting, analytics, and more.

Finally, there are three pages of ad optimization best practices, including notes on setting campaign budgets, setting bids, and creative variations.

It’s a good overview of all the key elements of TikTok ad campaigns, and even if you’re relatively familiar with TikTok’s systems, it’s worth a look, as there may be notes that you are not aware of, or have overlooked in your approach.

Because there are always unique variances and elements within each ad platform. It can be easy to settle into a habitual process, as the systems are mostly the same, but it’s sometimes those little differences that can make a big difference in campaign performance.

You can download TikTok’s Ads Manager user playbook here.

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