These 5 Comfortable Slip-On Shoes Can Really Help Folks With Limited Mobility

Scrolling through the brand’s website, I was immediately impressed with how stylish and subtle the shoes were — a departure from the typical silhouettes of comfort footwear that tend to prioritize function over form. Kiziks come in styles for menwomen and kids that look just as fashionable as those of mainstream sneaker brands — they just also happen to have a patented spring-back heel that lets you get them on without having to bend over.

Once she got her feet in the shoes, my mom reported that they really were easy to get on and off and comfortable to wear for long hours. And when I went back home to help her out last week, I could see how getting lace-up shoes on herself made a difference in her mood.

Unlike slides, flip-flops, or clogs (which are kind of hands-free by nature), Kizik’s offerings look like traditional laced tennis shoes. Wearing them gives her a sense of normalcy and autonomy, and it lets her still wear attractive lace-up shoes — like she would wear before this accident — without having to ask someone to tie them for her. 

My dad, a certified prosthetist and orthotist, gave a more clinical understanding of how a simple pair of shoes could help my mom’s emotional well-being in the wake of her injury, saying “It’s the activities of daily living (ADLs) that are most frustrating when they are unattainable. The independence and ability to do what individuals without mobility limitations would consider simple tasks, such as getting on your own shoes, is so important and empowering for those with mobility challenges.” 

On the Kizik website, I saw that Nike has invested in and started a licensing partnership with Kizik’s Handsfree Labs and has launched its own collection of easy on-and-off shoes. I can only hope this means there is a growing market for modern, trendy sneaks that utilize universal design to be more accessible for all wearers.

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